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Your Children: Registration Truth

Your children the nightmare truth!

After many weeks and months even of research, a very disturbing piece of knowledge has come to light.
A brief look into history will explain a few points that will evidently give you a greater understanding of where the legislation comes from.
From the early years of sea faring trade right up to present day under admiralty/commercial law a vessel after having entered port and successfully moored, would be handed over to the "Harbour Master” via the process of registering the vessel with this person.
What in fact happens upon registration is a temporary title change occurs, this basically means that the "Harbour Master” is responsible for the safety of the vessel whilst it is in his port, in effect having temporary title/ownership.
To this day registration still means the same thing, ie; that transfer of legal title to the body you have registered it with.
The worst possible way that this process could have been abused is in the registration of births!
Do not think that it is the UK alone that this corruption spews from; it is in fact used all over the world.
When your beautiful magical creation comes howling into the world, the baby at that time still belongs to you as you are its natural lawful guardians, and the government has not levy on the baby at all.
When you are at the hospital you are told that "you (must) register the child within 42 days” what is not relayed to you is that they have NO POWER to make you do this, they use "legal obligation” and will point you to an act called "Births and Deaths registration Act 1953” this act carries NO POWER WHATSOEVER! And to add to the government’s deception they use the word "must” in telling you to do it, when in fact this word is not what it seems, it is in legalese terms a choice or "may” it is just deception.
You now think why would the government be interested in doing such a thing?
This is extremely easy to answer.
As you may or may not know, this country, as does most countries in the world, operates in bankruptcy, and the debt cannot be paid, as we have no have real money with which to pay the debt, our currency is not backed by anything valuable, it used to backed by gold, but the traitor Gordon Browngot rid of it "real cheap” now we have nothing backing our currency so it is in fact not money, it is (Fiat Currency) i.e. just a promissory note, if you look at the money you have in your wallet, where it used to say "I promise to pay the bearer the sum of **** in gold” it now says "I promise to pay the bearer the sum of” what this means is that if you took it to the bank and asked for your gold they would not give it to you, they would instead give you a simple five pound note for a five pound note and a ten pound note for a ten pound note etc...
Now the disgusting part! Our children are used as the backing for this money, because we operate in bankruptcy we have nothing of value to offer the "Bankers” so what the government offers these financial criminals is our labour, yes that is what I said! We are the collateral; our children when registered are used as collateral on the government’s loans.
When our beautiful children are born and we register them the government takes out a bond, that bond is a set sum, and matures as the children do, they calculate that a child’s tax income over his entire life is X amount of pounds and it borrows against that, yes in essence we are sold into slavery and what is worse you never see that money, which in fact amounts to millions of pounds per person so when these crooks say you get benefits "you are not getting any benefits” you are simply getting a microscopic portion of what you are worth to them, and it’s even better as it does not matter if you work or not, that fact of the matter is the bond is worth the same regardless, it does not suddenly de value because you are not employed at that time.
Now the nastiest bit of all, when we "register” our children, we, under admiralty law abandon our children and the government takes up salvage, I know, it sounds insane, it can’t be true right? IT IS TRUE!
A simple show of how your child no longer belongs to you is this, mandatory vaccinations, mandatory schooling, holiday the children when they say you can and not before... the list goes on as they tell you how to manage their property and if you don’t do it their way, their appointed guardians take your children away (criminal social workers).
I don’t expect you to swallow this straight away, although I would hope that you would straight away realise that this sounds right... and would investigate, yourself further.
When you register something/anything you give up legal title to it, and instead get a certificate of title, this is worthless, and this is why you own nothing NOT EVEN YOUR CHILDREN!
Do not register your children if you want them to grow up free it’s that simple
By Guy Euden (Freeman of England)

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