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American Center for Law and Justice

U.S Congressional Documents and Debates
A Century Of Lawmaking For a New Nation
U.S Congressional Documents and Debates

The Acton Institute
For the study of religion and liberty

Advocates for Self Government
A libertarian website with it's sights set on freedom

Against Politics
Blog with anarchism and libertarian views

The Albert Einstein Institution
Committed to freedom, and reduction of political violence through use of nonviolent action. Free publications for download.

All Creator's Gifts
Articles on Defacto Governments, History, Law, and more

American Freedom Report
Host Brent Johnson and his freedom talk show "The Voice of Freedom" shares how to live free and protect your rights

American Guardian - Protecting You Unalienable Rights
Great site. Freedom, Jurisdiction, Contracts, Dual Citizenship, NWO, Social Security, and more.

The American's Sovereign Bulletin
Offering subscriptions to the bulletin. Free cover archives.

Liberty and justice for all

Online research center on history and theory of anarchism. Bios, pamphlets, and historical articles

Ark Enterprises
A spiritual sovereign's site.  Tons of articles and videos. Covers many subjects

Articles of Freedom
The profound plan to save the Constitution

Ben does many informative videos and documents about sovereignty and freedom. 
American Liberty Foundation
It's time to downsize DC! 21st Century outreach for freedom.

BC Revolution
Human rights, Constitutions, Government theft, Right to bare arms, conspiracy theories, censorship, media and more.

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Freedom and rights. Latest news, links and resources
Black's Law Dictionary
Online reference.  Find out what those "legal" terms really mean.
Black's Law Dictionary
First and Second Editions, featuring photo-copied version.

The British Constitution Group
Fighting to reclaim our constitution and rule of law

Lawful rebellion, rants, freeman on the land

Check Point USA
Dedicated to confronting roadblocks to freedom wherever they may arise.

Civil Liberties
American Patriot Network. A unique look at U.S. History, Civil Liberties and the U.S. Constitution

Common Law College
To help those who are new to the world of common law and being a freeman/woman on the land.

Complete Liberty
A site for those who cherish liberty
Courses on constitutional history, law, theory, design, linguistics, and government.

Lighting the fires of liberty, one heart at a time. 

Public education on the principles of constitutional republican government. Lots of information here.

Constitution Watch USA
Holding government accountable to the rule of law

Excellent website, covering a variety of topics. Check out Paths to Freedom. Tons of videos and links
The Constitution Society
Public education on the principles of constitutional republican government. Lots of information here.
Copwatch Database
Permanent, searchable repository of complaints filed against police officers.
All about taking ownership of your NAME. A step some sovereigns take for security.
Holding corporations accountable.

Supporting Non-Resident Parents against The CSA (Child Support Agency).
Detax Canada
Tons of information here on taxes, discharging bank debt, common law, strawman, court tactics and much more!
Devvy Kidd - Columnist, American, Patriot. Lots of information here. "Knowledge is power. Constitutionally Speaking."

Dirty Uncle Sam
The Powers of government were never given the jurisdiction to do the things they are doing today.
Dissident Voice
A radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice
The Dixieland Law Journal
Sections on Federal jurisdiction, money, taxation, constitutional materials, administrative prodecedures and more.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Exploring Infinity - Freeman Information
Important Freeman On The Land Definitions and Information.

The Fear of Freedom
Online liberty blog

The Fire
The Foundation For Individual Rights In Education

First Amendment Radio
All about freedom
Flex Your Rights
Use em or lose em. Dealing with police and knowing your rights.
Four Winds
Excellent website for freedom. Covering many topics, including spirituality, environment, business, government, history and health.
Freeman On The Land fundamentals, with other valuable information.

Free American
The voice of liberty

Dedicated to restoring our government. Provides articles, and videos.

Recognize unalienable rights

Freedom Central
News and resource portal for freedom-loving people everywhere

Freedom Circle
Provides resources for people to understand what has been called the 'philosophy of liberty"

Freedom Club USA
Information on freedom, money, taxes, debt, the banking cartel, exemption, UCC basics and more.

Freedom Domain Books
Read books, 
Handbook of Human Ownership, On Truth, Practical Anarachy, How (Not) To Achieve Freedom and More.
Freedom Force International
Network of men and women from all parts of the world who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and expansion of government power.
Freedom Keys
A collection of amusing, fascinating, insightful, or maybe even useful information.  A variety of subjects covered.

By Freedom Law School
The Freedom Movement
Dedicated to restoring the Constitution and advancing the principles of freedom.
Freedom Rebels Network
Reclaiming Our Sovereignty, Standing Under Common Law.
Freedom School
Excellent website with a wealth of information. A must see!
Freedom Law School (FLS) was founded to assist those freedom loving and self-responsible people who are committed to living their lives free of oppressive control and taxation by governments and their agents and live free, in pursuit of happiness.

The Freedom Site
Dedicated to the preservation of individual liberty

All about free speech

Standing for law, and good governance, with information on the world freeman movement.

The Freeman League
Tired of government intruding into every aspect of your life? Worrying about bills, taxes, and so on ..?

Ideas on Liberty.
Freeman On The Land
Blogspot UK. Tons of videos on subjects related to Freeman On The Land

Freeman On The Land
Sections on government, law, police brutality, documentaries, resources, links and more.

Freedom Pool
Freedom website with information on the Strawman, and how to deal with taxes, secured debt, traffic tickets and more.
Freedom Site
An Anti-Socialism Pro-USA web site with tons of information.

Freedom Works
FreedomWorks members know that government goes to those who show up, and are leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom

Ideas on liberty, free society and more.
Christian libertarian site with news, articles, and views.

Give Me Liberty
Defending our Constitutions.
Gnostic Liberation Front
For social justice, information on the destruction of America, satanism and the illuminati, world government, and more, with tons of videos.

Gun Owners Of America
The only no compromise gun lobby in washington

Heal Our Land Ministries 
Information for churches to UN-incorporate and become free. 

Human Rights Defenders
Providing you with information about human rights abuse in developed nations. And by so doing to give many silenced and forgotten victims a voice.

Here to highlight and expose the injustice deliberately perpetrated against any who seek remedy for the wrong doing on the part of those in positions of power.
International Freedom Foundation
Great freedom website with a wealth of information.
International Society for Individual Liberty - Freedom networking organization.

Judicial Deception
Free-man-on-the-land information. 
Judicial Watch
Because no one is above the law!
Sovereignty, Habeas Corpus, the legal system, etc, rule of law radio webcast, research and documents.

Just Steve
A Layman looks at the law

Kent Freedom Movement
Join the movement.  Groups for Lawful Banks, Getting out of Debt, Freeman on the Land, War on Terror and more.
Knowledge=Freedom. Legal abuse, sovereignty, government reform, 9-11, health, survival, Constitution, Media, History, Mind Control, Federal Reserve and more.

Laissez Faire Club
Your own secure private society of liberty and ideas

Land Of The Free
UK site. Everything related to freedom, corporate takeover, and the course of the planet. Links.

Views on liberty and civility you won't find elsewhere

The Lawful Path
Site dedicated to the study of True Law, and a return to a lawful government

Lawful Rebellion
Audio interviews, articles and videos from people who are discovering the truth of our reality.
Articles, Law dictionarys, references, Federalism, Executive Orders, Sham banking, the Fed, Attorneys and articles.

Purpose: To highlight the violence and hypocrisy of coercively funded government and to present logical arguments against it. 

Liberty Files
Collection of files related to liberty, right to bear arms, natural law, civic government, taxes, the Bill of Rights, and more. 

Not-for-profit enterprise delivers thought-provoking commentary, an online magazine, press releases, a discussion forum and other resources

Liberty Guard was established with one specific mission: Protect and Defend Individual Liberty.

Liberty Stickers
The Most Dangerous Bumper-Stickers Out There

Liberty Tree
Building a foundation for the democratic revolution

Liberty University
Sovereignty, Path to Freedom, Citizenship, Presumption, Government corruption, and more.

Liberty Voice
Independent news and libertarian commentary

Liberty Way
Focusing on all issues of freedom such as the FED, Martial Law, with many links to alternative news sources

Living Off The Grid
A wealth of information for living off the grid.  
DIY and information on everything from Food to Energy
Lost Horizons
The home of the liberating truth about the income tax.
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Advancing the scholarship of liberty. Articles, videos, literature, and more.

Manifesto Club
For freedom in everyday life
Marc Stevens.Net
"Bringing about a voluntary society, one visitor at a time."

The Matrix Has You
Can you handle the truth? Provides the truth, information on Taxes, the Federal Reserve and more.

Collection of articles and documents on freedom, law and slavery

Personal empowerment resources on sovereignty, Trusts, Taxes, Social Security, Books and Treatises, Articles and more.

Info and essays on politics, legal and government, martitime law, A4V, Contracts, and more.

Tons of articles on freedom, law, government, politics, etc, with videos and links

Natural Born Citizen
Blog about various subjects including politics, law, news, etc.

Natural Person 
Non-profit site educating about the differences between human-beings, natural persons and artificial persons.

Newspeak Dictionary
Familiar with George Orwell's 1984? Language has been used against us. He called it newspeak.

The New People Order
They own it all, including you!

No State
A libertarian no-state freedom site

The Online Freedom Academy
Freedom, Government, War, Money, Taxes, Justice, Religion, Economics, etc.

The Online Library of Liberty

Perceptions by Michael H. Keehn
Dedicated to those whose hearts seek freedom

The Perpetual Traveller's Club
Where one is well off, there is his country. Information on trusts, offshore bank accounts, passports, alternative identities, passports, driver's license and more.

People's Awareness Coalition
Providing Constitutional Education and political insights since 1998.

People's Campaign For the Constitution
Building a movement, Restoring rights, Reclaiming our Constitution.
People's Legal Front
"Because these are not the trade secrets of attorneys."

Articles and documents on true freedom
Freedom, Sovereignty, Law, Free PDF's, Links, Secret Societies and More.
Personal Empowerment Resources
Resources on freedom, manuals and documents. Historical documents and constitutions, links, reports, books, articles and more.
The Philosophy Of Liberty
Great Flash video for an easy understanding Liberty. Check it out!
Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy

The Price of Liberty
Subjects on liberty and justice and the lack of it in the world today

Project Freeman
Freeman research and information.

A libertarian blogsite

Rational Review
The premier libertarian web journal - New politics for a new century

Reality Bytes
Blog about freedom, the Corporate Government, Common Law, etc.

Reclaim Democracy
Restoring citizen authority over corporations
Redeem Yourself
"You were declared dead by corporate america at birth".  Informative website.

The Redemption Manual
Step by step guide to reclaiming your personal freedom

Restore the Republic
An exclusive action network for patriots

Rights and Wrongs
Law and Money

Right to Keep and Bear Arms - Canada
Ron's Articles
Articles, legal information and documents, as well as his videos, all very insightful.
Save A Patriot
"Together we stand or separately you will be stood on!"

Scottish Sovereigns On The Land
The fmotl in Scotland.  Radio broadcasts, etc.

Screw the Bailiff
One-stop shop where you can freely find procedures and templates to help you screw the bailiff.

The Secret People
The Secret People are in Lawful rebellion.
The Seize Liberty Network
Liberty, Patriotism, government, the NWO, your rights, thought crime, and more.

Services Rendered At Gunpoint
Article on coercion to accept services such as "law enforcement officers", not peace officers.

Social Security Online History
The 1935 Social Security Act

Society Without State
Direct self-government - No government by others

Sovereign Education Defense Ministry
Excellent site, tons of educational information.  Go to Start Here to begin your path to sovereignty.

The Sovereign Independent
Online magazine, with free issues

Sovereign Life
Personal and financial freedom. Are you a tax slave or a sovereign individual?

The Sovereign Squamish
An independent sovereign government.  No license's, No SSN/SINs, No taxes.  True freedom

Sovereign Tactics
Use Common Law in Courts. Protect yourself against corruption and learn the true motives behind war and the two party dictatorship

Sovereignty International
Focuses on threats to national sovereignty in public policies, international treaties, and in education and cultural trends.

Sovereignty UCC Law
Indepth site about Government, Corporations, UCC, the Strawman, Bohemian Grove, Secret Societies and much more.

The Sovereign Society
Delivering profits, liberty, and prosperity since 1998.

Vast free library of files teaching about state Citizenship, rights, and tax avoidance.

Stop The Pirates
Accepted for Value, Birth Certificates and other information. Start learning the way things really work.

Strike the Root
 A daily journal of current events and commentary from a libertarian/market anarchist perspective.

Discussing Right To Travel, Land ownership, court cases, taxation, Big Brother, Health and more. 

Take Back Washington
For a Constitutional Government. 911, FEMA, Police State, Big Brother, NWO and more.
American concentration camps, civil liberties, conspiracy, food, health care, libertarian, north american union, travel, terrorism and more
Articles and videos on a variety of world-wide news.

Tir na Saor - Land Of The Free
Law & Sovereignty, Money & Debt, Activism, Globalism, Sustainability, Philosophy, and Energy

A Freeman website with packages, and useful information
Third World Traveler
Archive of articles and book excerpts that seek to tell the truth about democracy, media, and foreign policy, corporations, global trade, financial institutions and the corporate media, plus more!
Truth Attack
Working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution

Truth Juice
For Truth seekers and freethinkers
Truth Sets Us Free
Dedicated to liberating Americans through education.

The quest is about freedom; Truth leads to Freedom leads to Ultimate Happiness.
United States Code Online
At Reference to U.S.C.

Association for human rights.
USA vs. US
Comprehensive chart showing the differences between USA and US. Are you sure you want to be a U.S Citizen?

Advocates of non-political, non-violent strategies to achieve a free society
Wall Builders
Presenting America's forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage.

Wendy McElroy
A site for individualist anarchism

Promoting Lawful rebellion against full body scanners

Make a freedom of information request now

World Transformation

A section on sovereignty, spiritual and evolutionary articles and links.

The Spoonfed Truth Facebook
All Laws Exist In A Fiction
Gullibility Factor Test
Who Is Running America
The Truth About The British Monarchy
Requirement For Consent
Corporate Government
Dispatch of Merchants
A Primer On Martial Law
How We Give Our Power Away
The Mark of the Beast
Freedom From De Facto Laws
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