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11 Year Old Girl Handcuffed in School for Being ‘Extremely Rude’

14 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For PDF

20 Ways the US Is Rapidly Becoming a Big Brother Police State

80 arrested, Others Corralled and Attacked With Pepper Spray During Wall Street Protest

According To a UC Police Captain, Linking Arms to Form a Human Chain Is An Act of Violence

The Age Of Citizen Spies Is Upon Us

American Insanity: Minnesota Man Arrested, Jailed Without Bond For Incomplete Siding On His House

American "Justice” System: Sheriffs Cleared of Wrongdoing After Killing 62-year-old With Pepper Spray

The American Police State Takes A Major Step Forward With Passage
of Bill Accelerating Integration of Drones Into American Airspace

The American Surveillance State Puts Orwell to Shame

America's Police Brutality Now Pandemic

An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control

Android Data Tied to Users and Relayed to Google Constantly

Are You Being Classified As A Terrorist?

Arrested, Caged and DNA Tested For Using MP3

The Assault on 2nd Amendment Precursor to Martial Law in America

Attack Dogs Used on a High School Walkout in MD, Four Students Charged With "Thought Crimes”

Big Sis and DHS Move On Campus

Bill Allows IRS to Deny Americans Right to Travel

The Bush Administration's Torture of U.S. Citizen Jose Padilla

Bush Moves Towards Martial Law

Buzz Off: Outcry As Children's Tsar Says Ultrasonic 'Mosquito' Device Is A Breach of Teenagers' Human Rights

Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision

Citizens Guide to FEMA Camps

CCOP: Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States

Chips in Official IDs Raise Privacy Fears

The Common Law Alternative To The Law Enforcement Growth Industry PDF*

Concentration Camp Plans for U.S. Citizens

Continuity Of Government Police State

Cop Flips Out, Demands IDs, Appears to Assault and Threaten to Tase Man for Filming

Cop Tests Taser On Himself To Dispel Concerns of Safety And Dies

Could Martial Law Be Right Around The Corner For Americans?

Dealing With The Police

Death Squad Liquefies Veteran With 60 Bullets Then Defends Their Actions

Detention Camp Order Follows Preparations For Civil Unrest

Detention Camps for "Terrorists"

The Destruction of the American Legal System, Erosion of Liberties, and Abandonment of the Constitution

Detention Camps for "Terrorists"

DHS - The Mystery Prison Buses In The Desert and The Prison Facilities

DHS Rolls Out "Mal-intent Detection” Technology to Terrorize More Innocent Americans

Did You Know, In 1976 a Patent was Issued for Remote Brain Wave Monitoring/Alteration?

Do Not Be Deceived: S.1867 Is The Most Dangerous Bill Since the PATRIOT Act

Cutting Edge

Data Extracted Illegally From Cell Phones During Minor Traffic Stops by Michigan Police

David Cameron Declares War On His Own People, Promises a British Police State

The Death Of Freedom In America, Courtesy of the NDAA and the Patriot Act

Do We Live In A Police State? Is The US Under Martial Law?

The End of America: House and Senate Pass Final Version of NDAA

The End of Freedom, Sovereignty, and Privacy In the Age of the Internet

The Entire United States is Now a War Zone: S.1867 Passes the Senate With Massive Support

EPIC sues Department of Homeland Security for Using Secret Naked Body Scanners in Public Places

Eroding Liberty PDF

Europe Moves to Kill The Internet

Executive Order Panic: Martial Law In U.S?

Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips

Facebook's Privacy Lie: Tracking Patent Uncovered

FBI Taught Agents They Could ‘Bend or Suspend the Law’

The FBI, The CIA, Homeland Security, The Federal Reserve And
Potential Employers Are All Monitoring You On Facebook And Twitter

Fed Government Taking Bids On Construction of Internment Camps

Feds Want Access To Your Xbox And Wii Video Game Systems

FEMA Concentration Camps PDF

Fema Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders

Fliers Without ID Placed On TSA List PDF

FOIA Documents Show FBI Illegally Collecting Intelligence Under Guise of "Community Outreach”

FOIA Lawsuit Reveals FBI Collecting Biometric Information for Massive Interagency Database

Fourth Amendment Eradicated, America is Now Officially a Police State

Freedom Loving Americans Headed To Fema Camps

Full Speed Ahead for Facial Recognition Technology

Future Attribute Screening Technology - Homeland Security PDF

Freedoms We Are Losing

Get Naked To Defeat Terrorists

Google Awarded Patent For Tailored Advertising Based On Spying On Sound and Environment

Google Joins Twitter in Censorship

Government recruits doctors to become thought police, pinpoint potential terrorists among their patients

Government Surveillance Crackdown On Internet Goes Into Overdrive

Hacking Electronic Toll Systems and Tracking You

Has Martial Law Been In Effect All Along? PDF

Here to Raid You PDF

Hitachi develops RFID powder

Homeland Security: Anti Abortion Activists Are Possible Domestic Terrorists

Homeland Security Finishing Acquisition of Millions of Rounds of High-Powered Ammo

Homeland Security News Wire

Homeland Security: Pretty Much All Bodily Movement is an Indicator of Potential Terrorism PDF

Horrible Terrifying Shooting Rampage at School Turns Out To Be Drill.
Man Bursts in Library, Starts Shooting, But Blanks. Nobody Knew.

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill

How Long Before we are Living the Nightmare Portrayed in George Orwell’s Film 1984?

How The USA Patriot Act is Unconstitutional PDF

If You Live in the United States, Chances Are The Government Thinks You're Likely A Terrorist

Infiltration and Provocateurs Being Used to Take Away the Voice of the People

Inverted Body Scanner Image Shows Naked Body In Full Living Color

Just What America Needs: Police with Tanks

Kids In Germany Caught Kissing Face Jail

Living In A Fascist Police State

Living Under Fascism

Mainstream Doctors Say Supporting the 2nd Amendment is a Mental Disorder

Martial Law: The Pretext is Now Set

Martial Law Coming

Martial Law Is Coming To the US

Maryland Police Put Activists' Names On Terror Lists PDF

Massachusetts Police Confiscate Cell Phone of Witness, Destroy Evidence of Alleged Police Brutality

Microchip Implant Helps Blind To See

Microchipping In Healthcare Bill?

Modern Political Prisoners In America

Monthly Terror Drills Now Required By Law For Students Including Kindergarten And 1st Graders

Mother Gets Fined For Keeping Garbage Bin In The Wrong Place

Nanotechnology: Tracking Food From Farm to Fork… and You Right Along With It

Narcotic Task Force and Child Services Steal Children from California Medical Marijuana Patients

National Counterterrorism Center Gets Insane New Power Over Private Data On Americans

The National Defense Authorization Act Opens the Door to a Police State

National ID Card

National ID - Patriot Act Measures Passed in US Senate

The Nationwide Crackdown on Occupy Wall Street Has Begun

The Next Step in Fighting False Terror-The Thought Police

New Big Brother Facial Recognition System Scans 36 million Faces Per Second

A New Era of Fearmongering, Control, and Paranoia Has Arrived

New Government Initiative Would Circumvent Second Amendment By Targeting Ammunition Not Guns

New Microchip Knows Your Location To Within Centimeters

New Program Spreading Across the US Takes Neighborhood Watch to Scary New Level

New Smartphone App Ushers in the Digital Age of Citizen Spying

New Super-Cameras Mean No Hiding For Drivers Who Smoke, Eat, Or Use A Phone In Their Car

New York Offers Drivers License with RFID Tag

North American Union will Attempt to Disarm the People of the United States

Now the Taxman Can Bug Your Home and Phone Calls to Catch Payment Dodgers

New York City: Prototype of the American Police State? PDF

No Right to Protest in America: Occupation of Wall Street thwarted thanks to ignorant police

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center

NWO Minion: Bill Clinton And The Push For A Total Surveillance Society

NYPD Officer Thrown in Psych Ward by Superiors After Revealing Systemic Corruption

Obama’s ‘Martial Law’ Order Revealed: Hidden Executive Orders

Occupy Protestors Listed as ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Officer Uses Taser On 9 Year Old Girl

Orwell Today

Observations of Tyranny

Officer Beating Man With Dementia



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