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About Debt, Discharging, Accepted For Value, and Monetary Law
Tax Debt, Mortgages, Student Loans, Fines and Bills

1040V Tender Set off - Accepted for Value PDF

18 Questions That Will Stop Debt Collectors Abusive Phone Calls PDF

45 Degree Angle A4V Statement

A4V Accounting Instructions PDF

Abatement: Man Beats The IRS PDF

Affidavit Of Duress: Illegal Tax Enforcement By De Facto Officers PDF

Affidavit of Material Facts - On Liability for the Federal Income Tax PDF

Credit Dispute Letters

Dealing With "Debt"

The DVLA Does Not Like No Contract - Return To Sender

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Equifax Credit Dispute Form PDF

The Exemption PDF

Federal Nonresident Non-Statutory Claim for Return of Funds Unlawfully Paid to the Government PDF

Fixed Penalty Notices: Your Notices in Action PDF

Free Credit Repair Consultant

Get Debt Collectors Out Of Your Life

Get Out Of Debt Free

How To A4V: Pay Bills With Your Signature

How To Beat Criminal Charges In Admiralty Courts PDF

How To Stop The IRS With Debt Collection Statutes PDF

It Is Not My Intention - Debt Obligation PDF

John Witterick Video - GetOutOfDebtFree.Org

Lien On Water Poisoners - Accepted For Value PDF

Mortgage Debt Elimination

My 1st Successful A4V PDF

Navigating The Maze of Court Procedures: Brief Regarding Foreclosures and Court Enforced Collections PDF

A New A4V Process PDF

New Hire Paperwork Attachment For Nontaxpayers PDF

Parking Ticket Refused for Cause PDF

Payroll Withholding Form PDF

Payment Delinquency And Copyright Violation Notice PDF

Property - Motion to Abate/Vacate Order Rescheduling Foreclosure Sale PDF

Property - Stopping Foreclosure PDF

Request For Accounting; Request Regarding List Of Collateral Or Statement Of Account PDF

Refusal For Cause Without Dishonor - U.C.C
(PDF version)

Sample Correspondence To Beat The IRS
(PDF version)

Sample Employer Letter to Employees Ending Withholding PDF

UCC Basics and History PDF

Using Your Exemption PDF

Voluntary Paycheck Taxes:  How To Prevent  Confiscation of Your Earnings Every Week

Voluntary Non-Withholding Agreement PDF

W-8BEN Form

What Does Accepted for Value Mean? PDF

Winston Shrout: 'Solutions in Commerce' - Fort Collins

You Can Discharge Almost Any Debt With Proper Use of U.C.C

Your Right To Debt Validation

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Freedom From De Facto Laws
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