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Forms, Affidavits/Affirmations, Litigation tools, Right To Travel, True Ownership,
U.C.C and Debt Elimination, as well as Court and legal information

Affidavit and Clarification and Citizenship For Voter Registration PDF
International Driving Permit Information PDF

International "Driver's" License

IRS Form 1040NR Instructions PDF

IRS Form 1040NR-EZ U.S Income Tax Return for Certain Nonresident Aliens With No Dependents PDF

IRS Form 1040NR U.S Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return PDF

IRS Form 56 Example - Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship PDF

IRS Form 56 Modified - Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship PDF
IRS Form 8854 Expatriation Form PDF

IRS Form Substitute W-8 Certificate of Foreign Status for United States Tax Withholding PDF

IRS Form W-2CC: Certificate of Fraudulent Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement and Official Criminal Complaint PDF


IRS Form W-8BEN Amended PDF

IRS Form W-8BEN Instructions PDF

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